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Solutions for Stress Relief, Overcoming Challenges & Creating Lasting Positive Changes

The Telos Destination ® Coaching Method

The Destination® Method is a comprehensive and compassionate coaching strategy that uses extraordinarily powerful tools that are designed to resolve unnecessary suffering at every level of human experience, including physical, mental and emotional.

By examining your foundational convictions and belief systems, we are able to uncover the root cause of suffering. Our work together grows from the thirty convictions of Telos, such as:

  • People are beings, not actions, nor things, nor systems of things
  • People are innocent, incomparably good
  • People do not have inner enemies
  • People never fail, they only get feedback

Note: If you questioned or disagreed with any of those convictions, we should talk! Quite often the root cause of issues and challenges stems from opposition to these convictions.

Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

This program uses linguistics (language) to positively influence brain behavior and improve how we react or respond to life’s situations.

Nero-linguistic programming is a method of influencing brain behavior or “neuro” using language (linguistic) and other types of communication to enable a person to “recode” the way the brain responds to stimuli (programming) and manifest new and better behaviors”.

There are several basic principles of NLP:

  • People are not their behavior and therefore can change their behavior.
  • People already possess the resources needed to achieve their desired outcomes but sometimes need to learn how to access them.
  • You can improve the response you receive from people by improving how you communicate with them.
  • You can take charge of your mind and thereby have greater control over your experiences and outcomes.

NLP can be used in many ways, including therapeutically, which is one of the counseling techniques we use. It can also be taught to clients to help them dramatically improve their interactions and relationships with others, both personally and professionally.


VoiceBio is based on research in energy medicine, which has been around for decades and works with the frequencies our bodies generate; more specifically the frequencies our individual organs and emotions produce. Healthy organs and emotions vibrate (vibe) at a specific tonal frequency.

A VoiceBio session creates a VIBE-print; which reveals if any tonal frequencies are too heavy or too weak — which would then correlate to either emotional or physical symptoms. Once this assessment is completed, then a frequency ‘key’ can be utilized to bring the emotional or physical condition back into balance and provide the individual relief.

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaching

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaching or FMCHC is a multi-faceted protocol which goes beyond symptom management. This protocol uses practices and techniques from positive neuropsychology, along with lifestyle, exercise and dietary changes, to resolve underlying causes of a client’s symptoms while promoting enhanced wellness, sense of well-being, and quality of life.

Genius Biofeedback

The ‘Genius’ is a platform designed to work on either a tablet or smartphone, which makes quantum biofeedback therapy available to most people.
Today the scientific community is making more discoveries which confirm that energy is what influences and affects us is all … more specifically, ‘frequencies’. This is true for our emotional, mental, and physical states; and can impact on everything from our attitudes, mental functioning, success and relationships to our ability to recover from illness or trauma.

Genius Biofeedback is a remarkable technology which provides answers to where you may have frequencies that are out of balance with each other. You would then receive harmonizing frequencies to bring those frequencies into proper balance, thereby releasing blocks or energies that were at cause for particular life experiences.
Quantum biofeedback scans provide you with the information for which energies may be holding you back. Once the various scans are reviewed, you can then access algorithms and frequencies with the ability to shift your life in positive ways, whether that would be towards heightened success, improved relationships or better physical health and vitality.

Genius biofeedback is energy medicine; it is completely non-invasive and holistic. And, since this is a smartphone platform, your therapy can be accessed daily and modified for whatever is currently affecting you … safely and effectively.

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