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Genius Biofeedback

The 'Genius' is a resonance biofeedback platform designed to work on either a tablet or smartphone, which makes quantum biofeedback therapy accessible to most people.

Cutting-edge technology that allows us to measure the energetic frequencies throughout your body to pinpoint imbalances and utilize harmonizing frequencies to bring you back into balance.

The scientific community is making many new discoveries which confirm that what influences and affects us is, in reality, all energy … more specifically, ‘frequencies’.  This is true whether you’re talking about emotional well being, mental focus, or physical vitality.  Our internal frequencies can impact on everything from our attitudes and mental functioning, to our success and relationships, to our ability to recover from illness or trauma.  

The energetic “readings” that the Genius provides are similar to muscle testing; however, with this technology you have the ability “to do 100-200 muscle tests in rapid succession.”    These readings can provide you with more specific and comprehensive information which can help you to determine what is needed to improve on your circumstances. 

Genius Biofeedback is a remarkable technology which can detect and identify where you may have frequencies which are out of balance with each other.    Once identified, you would then receive harmonizing frequencies to bring those particular frequencies into proper balance, thereby releasing blocks or energies that were causing you undesirable life experiences.   

Quantum biofeedback scans provide you the information needed to know what energies may be holding you back.   Once the various scans are reviewed, you can then access algorithms and frequencies with the ability to shift your life in positive ways, whether that would be towards heightened success, improved relationships or better physical health and vitality. 

Genius biofeedback is energy medicine; it is completely non-invasive and holistic.   And, since this is a Smartphone platform,  your therapy is mobile, can be accessed daily and modified for whatever is currently affecting you …  both safely and effectively. 

Get Your Genius Biofeedback Session(s) with Adabelle

1 Session 

In-Depth consultation and biofeedback session with Dr. Adabelle and genius insight frequencies during your session.

Quanta Capsule

Continue with the harmonizing frequencies for 7 days following our session. Access via your smartphone or tablet.

One Month (4 Sessions)

Have 4 in-depth sessions with Dr. Adabelle to fine tune your energetic frequencies. Includes Quanta Capsule. (Save $100)

Instantly calming and the feeling lasts!

I absolutely love the genius biofeedback. My session with Adabelle brought me calm and peace so quickly. Plus, with the Quanta Capsule I've got the frequencies to use regularly and I use it to give me a calming boost during stressful times.

Nancy Matthews

Founder, Women's Prosperity Network

See what others are saying about Dr. Adabelle

"For years I was having difficulty breathing, nagging joint pain and brain fog were daily challenges. Then I started working with Adabelle and followed her directions. Fast forward four years later and I'm still in my happy place. Thank you Adabelle!"

Grace Starmer

"I believe you actually saved my son's life. It's been a little over two months and the difference in Michael is extraordinary. His emotional outbursts and struggles speaking have significantly improved. Everyday he seems to grow emotionally and with happiness...I wish I knew how to really thank you."

Reenie Brewer

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